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Tax advisory

Polish tax law is extremely complex and it’s hard to keep up with every amendment made to existing regulations. Despite the huge number of regulations, which should in principle dispel any doubts as to the duties imposed on businesses, even the tax authorities themselves often cannot decide on a uniform interpretation of a given regulation and its practical application.

Furthermore, duties imposed on business owners are often regulated by numerous legal instruments – acts, regulations, directives; solutions applied in practice are additionally sometimes influenced by current judicial practice.

When running a business, the owner often has to decide on a specific method of settling taxes without being certain that this method is fully correct. Business owners sometimes have to undergo unannounced tax inspections, where they are unsure how to behave, what to say, what are the rights and duties of tax officials or what information must mandatorily be disclosed to the inspectors.

When considering commencing a specific business, expanding an existing business or starting a new project, it’s advisable to find out about the potential tax-related consequences, and if such consequences exist, become aware of associated risks.

We are happy to offer tax advice, both to our long-term customers and those looking for a one-time consultation, as well as business owners looking for assistance in going through tax inspections and tax or court proceedings.