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Our strengths

See how we can make it easier for you to get your documents to us!

In order to meet our customers’ expectations and ensure a satisfactory and efficient exchange of information, our firm will collect accounting documents from our customers.

Running a business is extremely absorbing and business owners often find it hard to deliver documents to their accounting firm during its office hours. The solution to this problem is for the documents to be collected by a courier from the customer, not necessarily from the offices of their business, but from any location specified by the customer (e.g. a location where the customer performs specific work).

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See how we can help your business keep abreast of important matters and deadlines

Our Firm is focusing on diversifying its methods of contacting our Customers. Depending on the needs and personal preferences of Customers, we offer several different channels of communication. We want our Customers to receive information not only by email, but also directly to their phones or Facebook accounts.

Our Customers receive text messages with reminders of upcoming payment deadlines, both with regards to taxes and social security contributions, for no additional charge.

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We respect your time - e-accounting without borders

Our Firm is located in Poznań, but we provide our services to Customers with permanent bases of operations several hundred kilometres away from Poznań. To facilitate this, we take advantage of cutting edge forms of communication with our customers, tax offices and the social security authority. All documents related to the Customer are archived online and remain available until the specific tax liability becomes statute-barred.

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We don’t want to surprise our Customers with unforeseen fees.

Our policy is that our price list should be as simple and transparent as possible, while simultaneously taking into account the amount of work required to duly perform a given service. The Customer isn’t required to declare the amount of documents that they will be providing and accounting records made on behalf of their business, as these will be automatically counted and the fee will be directly dependent on the required outlay of work.

Each service provided is priced accordingly, and the rules used to calculate fees are made clear to the Customer at the time of signing the contract.

How to reach us

Our Firm is located at ul. Grunwaldzka 43a – close to the Jan Nowak-Jeziorański roundabout. Our offices can be conveniently reach from practically any side of the city – via Grunwaldzka, Reymonta or Przybyszewskiego streets.

Details on how to reach our office and a map can be found in the ‘Contact Us’ tab.