Advisory Firm

Structure of cooperation

  1. The Customer compiles accounting documents in a file provided by our Firm or archives them using a different method if original copies of accounting documents are not kept with our Firm.
  2. Towards the end of each month, the Firm will remind the Customer by phone to provide the accounting documents for a given accounting period.
  3. By the 5th day of a given month, a complete set of documents is collected by our Firm or delivered to us using the method chosen by the Customer.
  4. If the Customer uses the invoicing software provided by the Firm (our Firm will provide on-line invoicing software free of charge), there is no need to deliver the invoices to the Firm, we will download the required data at our own discretion, provided that the Customer agrees. Data is downloaded on the 5th day of each month. If the Customer wishes to enter sales invoices for the preceding month after the above date, the Firm must be notified of this fact.
  5. After the documents are scanned and preliminary accounting is done, any potential questions concerning the accounting documents will be displayed in the customer’s dashboard, next to the scan of the relevant document. If periodical documents (relating to e.g. lease, rent, telecommunication fees) are missing, the Customer is emailed with a list of missing documents. The Customer is also notified of having to provide any additional documents and/or information in the dashboard by text message.
  6. On the date agreed upon in the contract, the Customer is notified of the amount of their tax liabilities – a copy of the ledger and tax returns in electronic format (depending on the documents that the Customer is required to keep). A full set of information is provided by email, and the Customer additionally receives information on the amount due in taxes and due dates for payment by text message.