Advisory Firm

Annual tax returns

Our Firm offers assistance in submitting all types of annual tax returns submitted to Polish tax authorities – including returns related to income generated abroad.

The first step to drawing up any tax return is to fill out a survey, which will be used as the basis for our services.

The current price list is published on our website each January, and is also attached to each survey sent to our customers.


If you intend to start a business or already own one but want to learn basic information about keeping accounting books, issuing invoices or on the system used to calculate your tax liabilities, our monthly free training courses are an excellent idea.

Our training courses will help you develop your knowledge in such areas as:

  • what are the differences between various forms of taxation and how to choose one that is the best for you,
  • how is your social security contribution determined and how to calculated – will you always be able to pay reduced contributions?
  • how and when to issue valid invoices,
  • how to calculate tax liabilities,
  • is a limited liability company the solution to all of your problems,
  • where to look for free information on how to run and operate a business,
  • how to shape the pricing policy of your business so that high revenues translate into actual profits,
  • what are the duties of employers and what to keep in mind when hiring employees or contractors.

Setting up a sole proprietorship

Can you set up a sole proprietorship in 2 hours? Indeed you can, provided that you prepare for it.

We can take care of all formalities related to setting out a sole proprietorship in our office and set up your business during our first meeting.

Setting up a sole proprietorship is included in the monthly service fee for our long-term customers (i.e. those who enter into an accounting services agreement with our firm).

The fee for customers who only want to have a sole proprietorship set up is PLN 290 net.

Setting up other forms of business activity takes longer and often requires additional actions, such as registration with the National Court Register or visiting a notary.

Ask us for a free quotation on setting up a different form of business activity at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Tax advisory

Polish tax law is extremely complex and it’s hard to keep up with every amendment made to existing regulations. Despite the huge number of regulations, which should in principle dispel any doubts as to the duties imposed on businesses, even the tax authorities themselves often cannot decide on a uniform interpretation of a given regulation and its practical application.

Furthermore, duties imposed on business owners are often regulated by numerous legal instruments – acts, regulations, directives; solutions applied in practice are additionally sometimes influenced by current judicial practice.

When running a business, the owner often has to decide on a specific method of settling taxes without being certain that this method is fully correct. Business owners sometimes have to undergo unannounced tax inspections, where they are unsure how to behave, what to say, what are the rights and duties of tax officials or what information must mandatorily be disclosed to the inspectors.

When considering commencing a specific business, expanding an existing business or starting a new project, it’s advisable to find out about the potential tax-related consequences, and if such consequences exist, become aware of associated risks.

We are happy to offer tax advice, both to our long-term customers and those looking for a one-time consultation, as well as business owners looking for assistance in going through tax inspections and tax or court proceedings.

Human resources and payroll

Employees can be both a business’s greatest asset and its worst headache.

At the outset of our cooperation, we encourage our customers to familiarise themselves with our proprietary analysis of the most important issues related to hiring, firing and paying remuneration to employees.

Our Firm provides a full range of HR and payroll services – depending on our customers’ needs, we can handle all or some of their duties related to HR and payroll.

We offer services related to the settlement and legalisation of the employment of foreign citizens (work order declarations, work permits).

Employers can view the files of their employees online so that they have constant access to the provisions of their contracts. Our system will also issue reminders about imminent deadlines for medical or OH&S examinations.

Accounting services

The main objective of (nearly) every business is profit. To be able to generate profit, you need to devote time to matters related to the main area of the business’ operations, as well as delegate other duties related to running the business.

Every business needs accounting services. Outsourcing such services obviously isn’t going to generate any profit, but it’s hard to keep a peace of mind when it’s the owner who’s liable for the reliability of their accounting settlements.

Running a business involves keeping track not only of accounting matters, but also a number of other issues related to the formal aspect of your operations. Our company will help you save time which you will be able to spend looking after your affairs, guarantees peace of mind – as we will be liable for the correctness of your accounting books. As with any kind of service, we will need your cooperation, but we have experience in organising everything so that the business owner is required to do only the required minimum.

Outsourcing accounting services to a business operated by a tax adviser has another advantage: all information disclosed to us is subject to professional privilege, which can be lifted only by a court of law. We can therefore guarantee the confidentiality of any information disclosed to us, which accounting offices ran by accountants holding the (no longer issued) certificate of the Ministry of Finances are unable to do.