Advisory Firm


If you intend to start a business or already own one but want to learn basic information about keeping accounting books, issuing invoices or on the system used to calculate your tax liabilities, our monthly free training courses are an excellent idea.

Our training courses will help you develop your knowledge in such areas as:

  • what are the differences between various forms of taxation and how to choose one that is the best for you,
  • how is your social security contribution determined and how to calculated – will you always be able to pay reduced contributions?
  • how and when to issue valid invoices,
  • how to calculate tax liabilities,
  • is a limited liability company the solution to all of your problems,
  • where to look for free information on how to run and operate a business,
  • how to shape the pricing policy of your business so that high revenues translate into actual profits,
  • what are the duties of employers and what to keep in mind when hiring employees or contractors.