Advisory Firm

Accounting services

The main objective of (nearly) every business is profit. To be able to generate profit, you need to devote time to matters related to the main area of the business’ operations, as well as delegate other duties related to running the business.

Every business needs accounting services. Outsourcing such services obviously isn’t going to generate any profit, but it’s hard to keep a peace of mind when it’s the owner who’s liable for the reliability of their accounting settlements.

Running a business involves keeping track not only of accounting matters, but also a number of other issues related to the formal aspect of your operations. Our company will help you save time which you will be able to spend looking after your affairs, guarantees peace of mind – as we will be liable for the correctness of your accounting books. As with any kind of service, we will need your cooperation, but we have experience in organising everything so that the business owner is required to do only the required minimum.

Outsourcing accounting services to a business operated by a tax adviser has another advantage: all information disclosed to us is subject to professional privilege, which can be lifted only by a court of law. We can therefore guarantee the confidentiality of any information disclosed to us, which accounting offices ran by accountants holding the (no longer issued) certificate of the Ministry of Finances are unable to do.